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  • Whether a true sexual process precedes these processes or not does not affect the present question, the point being that the resulting spheroidal "fructification" (cleistocarp, perithecium) has a definite wall of its own not directly comparable with a stroma.
  • Forming the perithecium wall.
  • - Perithecium of Podospora fimiseda in longitudinal section (After v.
  • These three elements - trichogyne, trichophoric cell, and carpogenic cell - are regarded as the procarp. The spermatia have been shown by Thaxter to fuse with the trichogyne, after which the axial cell below (carpogenic cell) undergoes divisions, and ultimately forms asci containing ascospores, while cells investing this form a perithecium, the whole structure reminding us essentially of the fructification of a Pyrenomycete.
  • Erysiphaceae: Harper, "Die Entwicklung des Perithecium bei Sphaerotheca castagnei," Ber.

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