Sentence Examples

  • Perithecium or "fruit" of the fungus with its curled appendages, X too.
  • Ascus from perithecium containing six spores, X30o.
  • We find two chief types of fruit bodies in the lichens, the perithecium and apothecium; the first when the fungal element is a member of the Pyrenomycetes division of the Ascomycetes, the second when the fungus belongs to the Discomycetes division.
  • The perithecium is very constant in form and since the gonidia take no part variations are of value in classification some more details may be added.
  • The Ascolichenes are again divided into Pyrenocarpeae or Pyrenolichenes and Gymnocarpeae or Discolichenes; the first having an ascocarp of the nature of a perithecium, the second bearing their ascospores in an open apothecium.

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