Sentence Examples

  • The adult stages are found in the sub-peritoneal connective tissue.
  • They are very thin-walled membranes, very poor in blood-vessels, formed by the bulged-out pleural or peritoneal covering of the lungs, through the parabronchial tubes of which they are filled with air.
  • The upper, wide opening of the duct is attached by elastic, peritoneal lamellae to the hinder margin of the left lung; the middle portion of the duct is glandular and thick-walled, for the deposition of the albumen; it is connected by a short, constricted " isthmus " (where the shell-membrane is formed) with a dilated " uterus " in which the egg receives its calcareous shell and eventual pigmentation.
  • On opening the abdomen a small initial peritoneal incision is made.
  • Cut any peritoneal adhesions to the gallbladder and liver.

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