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  • The origin of the mid-gut (mesenteron), outer layers become continuous, forming respectively the amnion that has no chitinous lining in the developed insect, is the disputed and the serosa (fig.
  • Lecaillon (1898) on various leaf beetles, tend to show that the organ " in the embryos of the lower Arthropoda corresponds with whole of the " mid-gut " arises from the proliferation of cells at the the region invaginated to form the serosa of the hexapod embryo.
  • On this view Wheeler, however, compares with the " dorsal organ " the peculiar the entire food-canal in most Hexapoda must be regarded as of extra embryonic membrane or indusium which he has observed ectodermal origin, the " endoblast " represents mesoderm only, between serosa and amnion in the embryo of the grasshopper and the median furrow whence it arises can be no longer compared Xiphidium.
  • S, serosa; A, amnion; E, ectoderm; N, rudiment of nerveof the oral piece.
  • In some midges and in caddis-flies the serosa becomes ruptured and absorbed, while the germ band, still clothed with the amnion, grows around the yolk.

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