Sentence Examples

  • Such applications at the momelit when spores are germinating on the leaves, e.g.
  • The danger from this source is remote, as the microbe does not form spores within the animal body.
  • The spores, as in the heterosporous Pteridophyta, are of two kindsmicrospores (pollen grains) borne in microsporangia (pollen sacs) on special leaves (sporophylls) known as stamens, and macrospores (embryo-sac) borne in macrosporangia (ovules) on sporophylls known as carpels.
  • The inner coat enveloping the spores is supported, like a ball, either with or without a stalk on the upper face of the star.
  • Milk so treated will keep at the ordinary room temperature, as the spores of the B.

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