Sentence Examples

  • The asci may be derived from the terminal cell of the branches of the ascogenous hyphae, but usually they are derived from the penultimate cell, the tip curving over to form the so-called crozier.
  • The last-named species has a straight symmetrical abdomen, with the penultimate segment expanded and strongly calcified to form a back-door to the very unconventional habitation.
  • (y) Penultimate affection: i or y in the ultima causes several changes in the penult, as arch, " order," erchi, " to bid "; saer, " carpenter," pl.
  • If we suppose alb to be converted into a continued fraction and p/q to be the penultimate convergent, we have aq-bp= +1 or -1, according as the number of convergents is even or odd, which we can take them to be as we please.
  • Distinctive feature of the genus is the great fore-and-aft length of the penultimate premolar in both jaws.

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