Sentence Examples

  • Beecher's division of the Brachiopoda into four orders is based largely on the character of the aperture through which the stalk or pedicle leaves the shell.
  • The triangular pedicle-opening seen in Orthis, &c., has been named by James Hall and J.
  • The two plates may meet in the middle line, and leave only a small oval opening near the centre for the pedicle, as in Rhynchonella; or they may meet only near the base of the delthyrium forming the lower boundary of the circular pedicle-opening, as in Terebratula; or the right plate may remain quite distinct from the left plate, as in Terebratella.
  • - Diagram of the pedicle-opening of Rhynchonella.
  • Pedicle-opening.

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