Sentence Examples

  • It was patrolled by guardsmen wearing the Others' symbols on their cloaks.
  • Patrolled the North Sea to protect their merchantmen from the British cruisers.
  • In their second year they were transferred to other garrisons in Attica, patrolled the frontiers, and on occasion took an active part in war.
  • British influence kept the peace amongst peoples who were not subjects of the King-Emperor; Great Britain lighted, buoyed, charted and patrolled for over a century waters over which it claimed no formal lordship; and kept in strange ports an open door, through which traders of every nation might have equally free access to distant markets.
  • He was one of the Boston grand jurors who refused to serve in 1774 because parliament had made the justices independent of the people for their salaries; was a leader in the Boston Tea Party; was one of the thirty North End mechanics who patrolled the streets to watch the movements of the British troops and Tories; and in December 1774 was sent to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to urge the seizure of military stores there, and induced the colonists to attack and capture Fort William and Mary - one of the first acts of military force in the war.