Sentence Examples

  • 988) settled at Kiev, and his province was part of the patriarchate of Constantinople, and appeals lay to Constantinople.
  • The patriarchate was abolished and its jurisdiction transferred by a council at St Petersburg in 1721 to a Holy Governing Synod.
  • Since the War of Independence, the kingdom of Greece has been ecclesiastically organized after the model of Russia, as one autocephalous " province," separated from its old patriarchate of Constantinople, with an honorary metropolitan and honorary archbishops (Neale, op. cit.
  • This he did during fourteen years, and his administration was signalized by two important innovations - the attaching of the peasants to the land (adscriptio glebae) and the creation of the patriarchate - both of which deserve a passing notice.
  • In order to prevent such incidents in future, Peter the Great abolished the patriarchate altogether, and entrusted the administration of the Church to a synod entirely dependent on the government.