Sentence Examples

  • It was not until 1869 that peace was patched up, and the settlement arrived at left the mountain tribes in practical independence.
  • Mr. Westlake, dressed in his usual dusty and patched attire, pressed Cynthia for the reason behind her unusual reticence.
  • The warm sun had eaten most of the snow from the roadway, leaving a contrasting black ribbon, in places still snow-patched from last night's covering.
  • Sir Alfred Milner reached the Cape in May 1897, and after the difficulties with President Kruger over the Aliens' Law had been patched up he was free by August to make himself personally acquainted with the country and peoples before deciding on the lines of policy to be adopted.
  • By Pa g e, .the reason, being his refusal as a good Yugoslav to transmit to the American Government a project assigning Bosnia to Serbia as " compensation " in the event of a patched-up peace.

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