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  • The other part comprehends inner Persis lying northwards; it enjoys a pleasant climate and has fertile and well-watered plains, gardens with trees of all kinds, rich pasturages and forests abounding with game; with the exception of the olive all fruits are produced in profusion, particularly the vine.
  • The forest zone extends to about 10,500 ft., above which is the steeper alpine zone, in which pasturages alternate with rocks and crags.
  • Thi; extends to a general height of about 15,000 ft., but in damp, sheltered valleys the pasturages extend some distance higher.
  • Of the total area 54.8% is occupied by arable land, 7% by meadows, 5.7% by pasturages, 1.2% by gardens, o.
  • In 1536 legislation for changing the method of general government and regulating common pasturages and public property caused extreme dissatisfaction, but for many years thereafter the form of control alternated between alcaldes selected by the inhabitants and annual governors appointed by the Council of the Indies.

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