Sentence Examples

  • These sheep are pastured in different districts in summer and winter.
  • Buffalo and bunch, and other short native prairie grasses, very nutritious ranging food but unavailable as hay, once covered the plains and pastured immense herds of buffalo and other animals, but with increasing settlement they have given way generally to exotic bladed species, valuable alike for pasture and for hay, except in the western regions.
  • Of the neat cattle (7,042,635) almost 98%, and of the sheep (861,761) almost Too %, were in 1900 pastured wholly or in part upon the public domain.
  • Cattle and sheep were pastured on the common lands appertaining to the village, while pigs, which (especially in Kent) seem to have been very numerous, were kept in the woods.
  • Herodotus continues that in his own day the Egyptians were unwilling to name these oppressors and preferred to call the pyramids after a shepherd named Philition, who pastured his flocks in their neighbourhood.

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