Sentence Examples

  • If this is ever accomplished it will need the patient investigation of a number of empirical observations by competent students unbiassed by any parti pris - a difficult set of conditions to obtain; and even then no definite results may be achieved.
  • Still, even in the region of pure mathematics, his 1 The passage is sufficiently remarkable to deserve quotation in the original: - "Le parti della Terra hanno tal propensione al centro di essa, the quando ella cangiasse luogo, le dette parti, benche lontane dal globo nel tempo delle mutazioni di esso, lo seguirebbero per tutto; esempio di cio sia it seguito perpetuo delle Medicee, ancorche separate continuamente da Giove.
  • The men wear a tarbush with white roll, a black under-robe with white girdle, a short loose jacket, and when necessary an aba or parti-coloured cloak over all.
  • The men either cut their hair short or plait it; married women plait their hair and wind round the head a black or parti-coloured silk handkerchief; girls wear their hair short.
  • No one reading Rabelais without parti pris, but with a good knowledge of the history and literature of his own times and the times which preceded him, can have much difficulty in appreciating his book.

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