Sentence Examples

  • A mixture of the melanistic with the albinistic type will of course give rise to parti-coloured cats.
  • In external appearance the Mandaean is distinguished from the Moslem only by a brown coat and a parti-coloured headcloth with a cord twisted round it.
  • True cavies, or couies (Cavia), are best known by the guineapig, a domesticated and parti-coloured race derived from one of the wild species, all of which are uniformly coloured.
  • Many of the crystals are parti-coloured, the blue being distributed in patches in a colourless or yellow stone; but by skilful cutting, the deep-coloured portion may be caused to impart colour to the entire gem.
  • Dianthus barbatus (Sweet William): hardy, I to I i ft., crimson, purple, white or parti-coloured.