Sentence Examples

  • Somewhat later the Convention declared itself to be the only centre of authority, and executive business was parcelled out among sixteen committees.
  • The rest of Italy, however parcelled, henceforth became but a dependence upon Spain.
  • The island received a foreign governor (Earl, Hirdstjori or Stiptamtsmadr as he was successively called), and was parcelled out into counties (syslur), administered by sheriffs (s-jislumadr) appointed by the king.
  • Afterwards, as the banks became parcelled out among a host of petty princelings, each of whom arrogated the right of laying a tax on passing vessels, the imposts became so prejudicial as seriously to hamper the development of the shipping.
  • Extremely well suited for sheep-farming, the natural pastures of the country were quickly parcelled out into huge pastoral crown leases, held by prosperous licensees, the squatters, who in many cases aspired to become a country gentry by turning their leases into freeholds.