Sentence Examples

  • The rest of Italy, however parcelled, henceforth became but a dependence upon Spain.
  • Afterwards, as the banks became parcelled out among a host of petty princelings, each of whom arrogated the right of laying a tax on passing vessels, the imposts became so prejudicial as seriously to hamper the development of the shipping.
  • Extremely well suited for sheep-farming, the natural pastures of the country were quickly parcelled out into huge pastoral crown leases, held by prosperous licensees, the squatters, who in many cases aspired to become a country gentry by turning their leases into freeholds.
  • The various members of the body were parcelled out among the nakshatras, and a rotation of food was prescribed as a wholesome accompaniment of the moon's revolution among them.8 1 Max Muller, op. cit., p. lxiv.
  • The territory within the jurisdiction of the Council for New England was parcelled in 1635 among the patentees in such 1 In the 17th century both "Martha's Vineyard" and "Martin's Vineyard" were used, and the latter appears in a book as early as.

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