Sentence Examples

  • High, with a rounded head of foliage, and greyish-green 3 to 7-lobed palmate leaves, somewhat resembling the leaves of the castor-oil plant in shape and size.
  • Polyphyllus, 3 ft., forms noble tufts of palmate leaves, and long spikes of bluishpurple or white flowers in June and July; L.
  • On account of its very large beautiful palmate-peltate leaves, which sometimes measure as much as 2 ft.
  • Taking place in a simple leaf with palmate or radiating venation, give origin to lobed, cleft and partite forms.
  • Adiantum; the lowest vein in each half of the lamina follows a course parallel to the edge, and gives off numerous branches, which fork repeatedly as they spread in a palmate manner towards the leaf margin.