Sentence Examples

  • Iontophoresis, which involves the application of an electrical current across the skin, can be used to treat plantar and palmar hyperhidrosis but requires daily treatment for about 30 minutes, often multiple times daily.
  • For example, children with palmar hyperhidrosis may have difficulties holding a pen to write, and adolescents may be reluctant to shake or hold hands with others.
  • Cabo San Lucas is a majestic oceanic playground on the edge of the earth, and Villa del Palmar is an ethereal vacation oasis of incomparable beauty.
  • With many delicious restaurants to choose from, Villa del Palmar offers everything you need to enjoy a comfortable all inclusive vacation.
  • Palmar grasp-A young infant's primitive ability to hold an object in the palm by wrapping fingers and thumb around it from one side.