Sentence Examples

  • Muller, Ann., 1864, 131, p. 35 2), and by the action of silver oxide on s-di-chloracrylic ester .at 125° C. (0.
  • H HN CEH?Chch C(Ch3)N.Cs The ketonic esters under like treatment yield oxypyrimidines, whilst if cyanacetic ester be employed then amino-oxypyrimidines are obtained.
  • Uracil and its homologues may be obtained in many cases from the hydrouracils by the action of bromine, and subsequent elimination of the elements of hydrobromic acid; or by the condensation of aceto-acetic ester and related substances with urea, thiourea, guanidine, &c. Uracil, C4H402N2, crystallizes in colourless needles, is soluble in hot water and melts with decomposition at 335° C. Hydrouracil, C4H602N2, is obtained by the action of bromine and caustic alkalis on succinamide (H.
  • It condenses with aceto-acetic ester, in the presence of sulphuric acid, to 0-methyl coumarin (H.
  • It is the methyl ester of a neutral body colchicein, which may be obtained in white acicular crystals.

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