Sentence Examples

  • This means that as sebum and lymph collect in the pores of the jewelry, it becomes an ideal breeding ground for many kinds of infection-causing bacteria, rendering it unsuitable for long term wear.
  • Acne treatment consists of reducing the sebum production, removing dead skin cells, and killing bacteria with oral medication and drugs used on the skin (topical).
  • Using harsh drug-store products and skin-drying scrubs can strip skin of natural oils, which only leads to more sebum production and subsequently, more acne.
  • It's a simple, if somewhat unpleasant, mix of bacteria, dead skin cells and sebum that clog the skin's pores, resulting in a raised, often red mound.
  • In this event, the sebaceous glands excrete an excess of sebum to the point that it builds up into a waxy plaque on the scalp and sometimes the face.