Sentence Examples

  • Eastman's TextBook of Palaeontology (1900-1902).
  • Thus Bionomics is treated in such articles as Evolution, Heredity, Variation, Mendelism, Reproduction, Sex, &C.; Zoo-dynamics under Medicine, Surgery, Physiology, Anatomy, Embryology, and allied articles; Plasmology under Cytology, Protoplasm, &C.; and Philosophical Zoology under numerous headings, Evolution, Biology, &C. See also Zoological Distribution, Palaeontology, Ocranography, Microtomy, &C.
  • For the loan of several figures from the translations published by them of the admirable treatise on Embryology by Professors Korschelt and Heider; also to the publishers of the treatise on Palaeontology by Professor Zittel, Herr Oldenbourg and The Macmillan Co., New York, for several cuts of extinct forms.
  • (From Zittel's Palaeontology.) (After Beecher.) appendages.
  • (From Zittel's Textbook of Palaeontology, The Macmillan Co., New York, 1896.) Appendages of anterior pair very large and chelate.

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