Sentence Examples

  • Sirian partnered with Rissa while the guards fanned out around them, one alert while the other four paired up to spar.
  • The collarcavity (b.c. 2) is paired, although its ventral mesentery is not complete.
  • Uzel, with the majority of students, regards the paired organs as mandibles and the unpaired as an epipharynx.
  • Hinds believe that the paired piercers are the inner lobes of the maxillae, and the unpaired piercer the left mandible, the right mandible being absent.
  • In the Aglossal Xenopus, the tadpoles are likewise devoid of circular lip, horny teeth, and beak, and they are further remarkable in the following respects: There is a long tentacle or barbel on each side of the mouth, which appears to represent the "balancer" of Urodele larvae; the spiraculum is paired, one on each side; the fore limbs develop externally, like the hind limbs.

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