Sentence Examples

  • In addition to Nature's Paintbrush and Over the River, Yankee added three other new scents to its 2011 fall collection.
  • Applying eyeliner with a paintbrush may feel a bit tricky at first but with practice you'll perfect your technique.
  • Of course, this only serves to inspire anyone with artistic tendencies, but even those who couldn't wield a paintbrush to save their lives have developed Picasso-like habits in front of the mirror.
  • To clean your car's interior, assemble the right tools: a vacuum, a toothbrush, some mild cleaner, a stiff carpet brush, a paintbrush, glass cleaner, paper towels, and some lint-free cloths.
  • Nature's Paintbrush - One of the new scents for fall 2011, Yankee describes this scent as brisk autumn air combined with notes of warm musk and spicy woods.