Sentence Examples

  • Unfortunately, in no part of the Spanish oversea possessions did the restrictive legislation of the home government operate more harshly or disadvantageously to the interests of the colony; it was a more effective hindrance to the development of its resources and the spread of civilization over the country, than the hostility of the Indians.
  • They traded also on the Red sea, and opened up regular traffic with India as well as with the ports of the south and west, so that it was natural for Solomon to employ the merchant navies of Tyre in his oversea trade.
  • The town owed its origin and growth to its position on the shores of the Bristol Channel, and its good harbour developed an oversea trade with Bristol, South Wales and the Irish ports.
  • Although by this migration the white population was again considerably reduced, 'those who remained were contented and loyal, and through the arrival of 4500 emigrants from England in the years1848-1851and by subsequent immigration from oversea the colony became overwhelmingly British in character.
  • The sequence of events appears to have been this:Japans earliest contact with an oversea people was with the Koreans, and she made some tentative efforts to adapt their alphabet to the expression of her own language.

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