Sentence Examples

  • Westermaier and Godlewski put forward the view that the living cells of the medullary rays of the wood, by a species of osmosis, act as a kind of pumping apparatus, by the aid of which the water is lifted to the top of the tree, a series of pumping-stations being formed.
  • They obtain food entirely by osmosis through the striated cuticle, and this food consists not of blood, as in flukes, but of chyle, by which they are bathed in their favourite site, the small intestine.
  • Aquarium RO Systems Excellent value reverse osmosis systems from.. .
  • Before you start Before beginning this TLP, you should: Understand basic concepts including osmosis.
  • Despite the impoverished state of the kingdom, the last century of Lusignan rule finally witnessed a social and cultural osmosis.

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