Sentence Examples

  • GovernmentThe principle underlying the administration of the French possessions overseas, from the earliest days until the close of the Ioth century, was that of domination and assimilation, notwithstanding that after the loss of Canada and the sale of Louisiana France ceased to hold any considerable colony in which Europeans could settle in large numbers.
  • With the vast extension of the colonial empire in tropical countries in the last quarter of the 19th century the evils of the system of assimilation, involving also intense centralization, became obvious.
  • In these colonies the system of assimilation was carried to great lengths.
  • Some bulky Brown Seaweeds, where assimilation is strongly localized, some of the deep cells are highly specialized for the latter function.
  • These are elongated in the direction of the length of the leaf, are always poor in chlorophyll and form a channel for conducting the products of assimilation away from the leaf into the stem.

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