Sentence Examples

  • It was proposed, therefore; in 1576, that 6000 families should be registered as a militia under a Polish Hetman for the protection of the country against Tatar raids, and that the remainder of the inhabitants should be assimilated to the ordinary peasants of Poland.
  • France assimilated the craft of glass-making, and her craftsmen acquired a wide reputation.
  • No change could be made in any law applicable to Europeans without the unanimous consent of fifteen foreign powersa state of affairs wholly incompatible with the condition of Egypt in the 20th centui1y, an oriental country which has assimilated a very considerable portion of European civilization and which is mainly governed by European methods.
  • A tendency to form a distinct deity by combining the attributes of two produced such curious fusions as Milk-`ashtart, Milk-ba'al, Milk-'osir, Eshmunmelqarth, Melqarth-resef, &c. As in the case of art and industries, so in religion the Phoenicians readily assimilated foreign ideas.
  • It is more probable that Pappus's commentary was written long before Theon's, but was largely assimilated by the latter, and that Suidas, through failure to disconnect the two commentaries, assigned a like date to both.

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