Sentence Examples

  • The different departments of human activity are organically connected, and all facts relating to the life of a community have a near or remote economic significance.
  • Hence the prophet prophesies of a definite future arising out of and organically connected with the present.
  • Elsewhere " good desire " is analysed into the " spirits " of the several virtues, which yet are organically related, Faith being mother, and Self-mastery her daughter, and so on (Vis.
  • He criticizes Harnack's theory that there existed in the East, that is, in Asia Minor, or in Asia Minor and Syria as far back as the beginning of the 2nd century, a Christological instruction (uiOmua) organically related to the second article of the Roman Creed, and formulas which taught that the " One God " was " Creator of heaven and earth," and referred to the holy prophetic spirit, and lasted on till they influenced the course of creed-development in the 4th century.
  • 4 These new elements may have been more organically attached to the Assyrian state as such than the older inhabitants, to whom the affairs of state at Nineveh would be of little interest.