Sentence Examples

  • These are known as olfactory filaments or aesthetascs.
  • One osphradium or branchial olfactory organ is usually present on each side, on either side of the anus on the inner wall of the mantle, near the base of the last gill.
  • Beneath the ciliated groove is placed an elongated ganglion (olfactory ganglion) connected by a nerve to the supraintestinal (therefore the primitively dextral) ganglion of the long h, k, m, Stomach.
  • In front, near the anterior attachment of the gill-plume, is the osphradium (olfactory organ) dis h covered by J.
  • Each of the visceral ganglia is connected or combined with an olfactory ganglion underlying an area of specialized epithelium, which constitutes the olfactory organ, the osphradium.