Sentence Examples

  • Oe, Oesophagus.
  • But in many highly organized Oe 'lipNr ?
  • Oe, Gullet; op, optic nerve; sb, sub-oesophageal ganglion; mn, mx, mx', nerves to jaws; t, tentorium.
  • To trisect an angle by means of this curve, describe a circle with centre 0 and radius OE, and let the given angle which is to be trisected be laid off from OE and cut the circle at S; let the chord ES cut the trisectrix in J.
  • The former experiment had been performed by Scheele and Priestley, who had named the gas " phlogisticated air "; Lavoisier subsequently named it oxygen, regarding it as the " acid producer " (OE, sour).

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