Sentence Examples

  • A, Anus; at, antenna; F.I, F.2, first and second feet; j, jaws; L, lips; oe, oesophagus; or.p, oral papilla; ph, pharynx; R, rectum; s.d, salivary duct; s.g, salivary gland; sl.d, slime reservoir; sl.g, portion of tubules of slime gland; st, stomach; T, tongue in roof of mouth.
  • Regarding the ultimate curve as derived from a given penultimate curve, we connect with the ultimate curve, and consider as belonging to it, certain points called " summits " cn the component curves P 1 = o, P2 =o respectively; a summit / is a point such that, drawing from an arbitrary point 0 the tangents to the penultimate curve, we have OE as the limit of one of these tangents.
  • The prologue is an organic portion of the Gospel and not a preface written to conciliate a philosophic public. It assumes that the Logos idea is familiar in Christian theology, and vividly summarizes the main features of the Philonic conception - the eternal existence of the Logos, its relation to God (7rpds rem OE 6v, yet distinct), its creative, illuminative and redemptive activity.
  • OE in tngb r ne hute r?
  • ~ otton ' CLl xf Pagn??ll igglest?a e OD oE D F 0 c ?

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