Sentence Examples

  • In response to the recession that hit the United States in late 2007, President Obama put into practice both an increase in the length of time people could receive unemployment benefits and a COBRA stimulus package.
  • When President Obama and his family announced they were getting Bo, the first thing the club did was to put out a well crafted press release on the responsible breeding and ownership of the Portuguese Water Dog.
  • While the Narciso Rodriguez dress Michelle Obama wore was straight from the runway and not available in stores by election night, other styles the First Lady prefers can be found in easily accessible stores.
  • In addition to the accounts of President Barack Obama, Rick Sanchez and Britney Spears, the members of Digital Gangster hacked into the Twitter accounts of Fox News, CBS News and Digg founder Kevin Rose.
  • When President Obama ran for office in 2008, he promised a change in the health care system, but unfortunately, millions of Americans were still left without a simple explanation of health care reform.