Sentence Examples

  • In spite of her own statement in the epilogue to her fables: "Marie ai num, si suis de 1 Cotton MS. Domit.
  • Final n, if originally it stood between two vowels, drops away (bo, b 0 n u m; vi, v i n u m), but not when it answers to mn (thus do nu in makes do, but dom num don; sonum makes so, but somnum son).
  • 6, 7, where the same prohibition is extended to all the priests); the distinction between " holy " and " most holy " things (Num: xviii.
  • Of the kings who apparently belonged to a Parthian dynasty, several bearing the name Cammascires are known to us from coins dated 8i and 71 B.C. One of these is designated by Lucian (Macrobu, I 6) king of the Parthians; while the coinage of another, Orodes, displays Aramaic script (Allotte de la Fuye, Rev. num., 4me srie, t.
  • 3 The Finns came to apply to the upper gods the term Yumala which originally denoted the living sky; the Samoyedes made the same use of Num, and the Mongols of Tengri.

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