Sentence Examples

  • They are, from south to north, Osci, Aurunci, Hernici, Marruci, Falisci; with these were no doubt associated the original inhabitants of Aricia and of Sidici -num, of Vescia among the Aurunci, and of Labici close to Hernican territory.
  • 478 sqq.; Sarrazin, "De Sozomeni historia num integra sit," in the Commentationes philologae jenenses, i.
  • 3 The Finns came to apply to the upper gods the term Yumala which originally denoted the living sky; the Samoyedes made the same use of Num, and the Mongols of Tengri.
  • 6, 7, where the same prohibition is extended to all the priests); the distinction between " holy " and " most holy " things (Num: xviii.
  • Final n, if originally it stood between two vowels, drops away (bo, b 0 n u m; vi, v i n u m), but not when it answers to mn (thus do nu in makes do, but dom num don; sonum makes so, but somnum son).