Sentence Examples

  • NUMA DENIS FUSTEL DE COULANGES (1830-1889), French historian, was born in Paris on the 18th of March 1830, of Breton descent.
  • In the religious system of Numa, Quirinus and Mars were both recognized as divine beings, distinct but of similar attributes and functions; thus, like Mars, Quirinus was at once a god of war and a nature god, the protector of fields and flocks.
  • Carter, The Religion of Numa (1906), on the reorganization of Servius.
  • Plutarch speaks of his intercourse with the deity, and compares him with Lycurgus and Numa (Numa, 4).
  • 26) seeks to justify the Christian neglect of it by the fact, for which he vouches, that among the Romans themselves incense was unknown in the time of Numa, while the Etruscans had always continued to be strangers to it.