Sentence Examples

  • The other major difference between cross stitch and needlepoint is that a needlepoint design fills up the entire fabric, while cross stitch can be large or small but almost always has blank canvas around the stitched image.
  • If you cannot find designs you like for a 12 Days of Christmas Needlepoint Stocking Canvas, you may want to consider painting your own 12 Days of Christmas designs on stocking-shaped needlepoint canvas.
  • While there aren't a lot of things you need to buy to start working with needlepoint, you'll be glad you took the time to invest in some good needlepoint supplies before you begin your first project.
  • The ideal needles for needlepoint or tapestry needles have elongated eyes for ease of threading, blunt points so you don't hurt yourself, and tapered bodies that flow through the canvas more easily.
  • Many specialty retailers offer both physical locations and online shopping, making it easy for you to get the needlepoint patterns, canvas designs and supplies you want no matter where you live.