Sentence Examples

  • The nasal cavity communicates with the mouth by the choanae or posterior flares, situated between the palatine process of the maxillary, the palatine and the vomer.
  • The true beaver (Castor fiber) is a native of Europe and northern Asia, but it is represented in North America by a closely-allied species (C. canadensis), chiefly distinguished by the form of the nasal bones of the skull.
  • For inflammation of the mouth a similar combination is used as a mouth wash, in the throat as a gargle, and in the nose as a wash and sometimes as an ointment or spray, the ointment possessing the advantage of protecting the delicate nasal mucous membrane from irritation by stopping the entrance of irritant dust into the nasal cavities.
  • The nasal mutation occurs after fy, " my," and yn, " in "; thus fy mhen, " my head " (pen, " head "), yn Nhalgarth, " at Talgarth."
  • Many birds possess besides this temporal fovea a second fovea nearer the nasal side.

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