Sentence Examples

  • A terrible epidemic of measles in that year swept away 40,000, or about one-third of the Fijians.
  • Rhazes is deservedly remembered as having first described small-pox and measles in an accurate manner.
  • Small-pox and measles) unknown or imperfectly known to the Greeks; the only real advance was in pharmacy and the therapeutical use of drugs.
  • The marriage of Mary and Darnley was now a question of practical politics, and the queen, having nursed her new suitor through an attack of measles, soon made up her mind to wed him, saying he "was the properest and best proportioned long man that ever she had seen."
  • They distinguished themselves at Civita Castellana, a little town which they took; but the Austrians arrived in force, and during the retreat Napoleon Louis, the elder son, took cold, followed by measles, of which he died.

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