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  • In 1732, and sent him a prisoner into Khorasan, where he was ~ ~t murdered some years afterwards by Nadirs son while Sfawid& the conqueror was absent on his Indian expedition.
  • Nadirs anger and indignation had been great at this weak proceeding; indeed, he had made it the ostensible cause of the shahs deposition.
  • Nadirs way had been prepared by circumstances, and as he progressed from day to day his army increased.
  • The last years of Nadirs life were full of internal trouble.
  • In the large important province of Azerbaijan, Azad Khan, one of Nadirs generals, had established a separate government; and Au Mardan, brother of the Bakhtiari chief, took forcible possession of Isfahan, en~powering Shah Rukhs governor, Abul-Fatb Khan, to act for the new master instead of the old.

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