Sentence Examples

  • Finding vegetable alkali in certain minerals, such as leucite, proposed to distinguish it as potash, and at the same time assigned to the mineral alkali the name natron, which survives in the symbol, Na, now used for sodium.
  • Mg(NH4)P04; Na(NH4)HP04.
  • 529 Gomates, the Magian, 7 months 521 Nebuchadrezzar III., na tive king..
  • Next consider the motion given by = m ch 2(77a)sin 2E, tii= -m sh 2(na)cos 2E; (I) in which > ' =o over the ellipse a, and =1'+IR(x2+y2) =[ -m sh 2(7 7 -a)+4Rc 2 ]cos 4Rc2 ch 2n, (2) which is constant over the ellipse n if 4Rc 2.
  • The velocity of a liquid particle is thus (a 2 - b 2)/(a 2 +b 2) of what it would be if the liquid was frozen and rotating bodily with the ellipse; and so the effective angular inertia of the liquid is (a 2 -b 2) 2 /(a 2 +b 2) 2 of the solid; and the effective radius of gyration, solid and liquid, is given by k 2 = 4 (a 2 2), and 4 (a 2 For the liquid in the interspace between a and n, m ch 2(0-a) sin 2E 4) 1 4Rc 2 sh 2n sin 2E (a2_ b2)I(a2+ b2) = I/th 2 (na)th 2n; (8) and the effective k 2 of the liquid is reduced to 4c 2 /th 2 (n-a)sh 2n, (9) which becomes 4c 2 /sh 2n = s (a 2 - b 2)/ab, when a =00, and the liquid surrounds the ellipse n to infinity.

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