Sentence Examples

  • North-west and north-east of Hudson Bay it becomes too severe for the growth of trees as seen on the " barren grounds," and there may be perpetual ice beneath the coating of moss which serves as a non-conducting covering for the " tundras."
  • Some are moss-dwellers, inhabiting the surface film of water that bathes these plants: such especially are the Bdelloids, with their exceptional capacity for resisting desiccation.
  • On the summits of the Adirondacks are a few alpine species, such as reindeer moss and other lichens; on the shores of Long Island, Staten Island and Westchester county are a number of maritime species; and on Long Island are several species especially characteristic of the pine barrens of New Jersey.
  • The Eildon Tree Stone, a large moss-covered boulder, lying on the high road as it bends towards the west within 2 m.
  • Above this grows a species of pine, which becomes dwarfed and disappears at an altitude of about 6000 ft., beyond which is a zone of lichen and moss covered or almost bare rock.

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