Sentence Examples

  • Church was accordingly mooted at the Lambeth Conference of 1908.
  • At the beginning of August 1881 the Austrian press mooted the idea of a visit from King Humbert to the emperor Francis Joseph.
  • The first proposal for a free Rhine was mooted by the French at the congress of Rastatt (1797-1799), but Holland, commanding the mouth of the river, placed every obstacle in the way of the suggestion.
  • The idea was even mooted of damming up the river near Hauconcourt, and thus, flooding out the whole of the civil population of Metz; but expert civil engineers, who were sent for from Germany, reported against the proposal.
  • After the Danubian campaign of 1809 and the divorce of Josephine, Talleyrand used the influence which he still possessed in the imperial council on behalf of the choice of an Austrian consort for his master, for, like Metternich (who is said first to have mooted the proposal), he saw that this would safeguard the interests of the Habsburgs, whose influence he felt to be essential to the welfare of Europe.