Sentence Examples

  • Thus, by the end of his seventeenth year his apprenticeship of study was There is, however, one true nest-building parrot, the greybreasted parrakeet (Myopsittacus monachus), which constructs a huge nest of twigs.
  • Grus cinerea), the Grus leucauchen (mana-zuru), the Grus monachus (nabe-zuru), and the white crane (shiro-zuru).
  • While nonna has remained as the generic name of a female religious, nonnus has been replaced by monachus and its various derivatives (see Monk).
  • Monachus, adapted from Gr.
  • The Greyfriars' Chronicle says that Hooper was "sometime a white monk"; and in the sentence pronounced against him by Gardiner he is described as "olim monachus de Cliva Ordinis Cisterciensis," i.e.

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