Sentence Examples

  • One large mock-up of a program can be displayed at the ceremony site - usually near the entrance - for guests to read prior to the ceremony, or the officiant can explain different parts of the ceremony such as cultural traditions.
  • Whether you've paid top dollar for a vintage pattern or a brand-new commercial pattern, or gotten one free, you should still do a mock-up before you start cutting your suit fabric.
  • If you want the florist to make the arrangements for you, ask for a mock-up before all of the centerpieces are completed to be sure you like the final product.
  • They do, of course range in difficulty and clarity, so it's best to take some time and make a mock-up before you invest in materials.
  • Muslin is easier to work with than Lycra, but a mock-up will still give you a good idea of the overall look and fit.