Sentence Examples

  • " That which the mists cannot climb."
  • The Monterey mists were in full effect, filtering the sunlight.
  • Her make-up was smeared from walking through the Monterey mists, her maid-of-honor dress wrinkled from constant sitting and standing.
  • When Barnabas sails away with Mark to resume work in Cyprus, the mists of history hide him from our sight.
  • Russian explorers and natives of India trained for geographical reconnaissance, and employed in connexion with the great trigonometrical survey of India, had done so much towards clearing away the mists which enveloped the actual course of the river, that all the primary affluents were known, although their relative value was misunderstood, but the nature of the districts which bordered the river in Afghan Turkestan was so imperfectly mapped as to give rise to considerable political complication in framing the boundary agreement between Great Britain and Russia.