Sentence Examples

  • Missioners; in 1900 a superintendent of public instruction was first appointed.
  • The Irish monks were great missioners in the north of England and the northern and 1 This topic is dealt with by F.
  • The comrn missioners met in 1849, 1850 and 1851 at Bagdad and Muhamral without arriving at an.y result.
  • Its stay in the Congo State lasted from the 5th of October 1904 to the 21st of February 1905, and during that time the com missioners ascended the Congo as far as Stanleyville.
  • The tendency to a celibate clergy increases, together with other romanizing usages, promoted by the papal legate in Beirut, the Catholic missioners, and the higher native clergy who are usually educated in Rome or at St Sulpice.