Sentence Examples

  • Philippson, Ein Ministerium unter Philipp H.
  • The executive consists of a responsible ministry (Gesammt Ministerium), with the six departments of justice, finance, home affairs, war, public worship and education, and foreign affairs.
  • See Poul Vedel, Den aeldre Gre y Bernstorffs ministerium (Copenhagen, 1882); Correspondance ministe'rielle du Comte J.
  • As soon as these laws had been carried (December 1867), Beust retired from the post of minister-president; and in accordance with constitutional practice a parliament ary ministry was appointed entirely from the ranks Burger of the Liberal majority; a ministry generally known Minis - as the " Burger Ministerium " in which Giskra and terium.
  • They began as had the Burger Ministerium, with a vigorous Liberal centralizing policy.