Sentence Examples

  • At the same time the application of the Civil Constitution of the Clergy roused the whole of western La Vende; and in face of the danger threatened by the refractory clergy and by the army of the migrs, the Girondins set about confounding the court with the Feuillants in the minds of the public, and compromising Louis XVI.
  • Whilst the insurrection in La Vende was spreading, and Dumouriez falling back upon Neerwinden, sentence of death was laid upon migrs and refractory priests; the treachery of Dumouriez, disappointed in his Belgian projects, gave grounds First corn- for all kinds of suspicion, as that of Mirabeau had mittee ot formerly done, and led the Gironde to propose the public new government which they had refused to Danton.
  • And Marie Antoinette guillotined, the migrs dispersed, denied or forsaken by all Europe.
  • Police, the prostration before authority, the sympathy pabikan lavished on royalists, the recall of the migrs, the opposi~ contempt for the Assemblies, the purification of the lion.
  • He opened negotiations with the migrs, urged the European powers to a crusade on behalf of legitimacy, and paraded the devctien of Charles IV.