Sentence Examples

  • Over time, microscopes got better.
  • Westien made use of two Chevalier-Briicke's simple microscopes with their long working distances in order to form an instrument in which the curvature of the image was not entirely avoided.
  • Microscopes are distinguished as simple and compound.
  • Convex glass lenses were first generally used to assist ordinary vision as " spectacles "; and not only were spectacle-makers the first to produce glass magnifiers (or simple microscopes), but by them also the telescope and the compound microscope were first invented.
  • Descartes (Dioptrique, 1637) describes microscopes wherein a concave mirror, with its concavity towards the object, is used, in conjunction with a lens, for illuminating the object, which is mounted on a point fixing it at the focus of the mirror.

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