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  • Thus actual documents of native Aztec history, or copies of them, are still open to the study of scholars, while after the conquest interpretations of these were drawn up in writing by Spanish-educated Mexicans, and histories founded on them with the aid of traditional memory were written by Ixtilxochitl and Tezozomoc. In Central America the rows of complex hieroglyphs to be seen sculptured on the ruined temples probably served a similar purpose.
  • The Mexicans in the battles of Palo Alto (May 8th) and Resaca de la Palma (May 9th).
  • Hostilities were then una voidable, and the first passage at arms occurred on the 24th of April 1846; when a large force of Mexicans on the east bank of the Rio Grande ambushed and captured a small party of American dragoons under Captain Seth B.
  • In 1738 an extraordinary deposit of silver nuggets, quickly exhausted (1741), was discovered at Arizonac. At the end of the 18th century the Mexicans considerably developed the mines in the south-east.
  • Illiteracy is high, amounting in 1900 to 23.1% of native males, above 21 years of age, and 30 5% of foreign males, principally because of the large number of Indians, Chinese, Japanese and Mexicans in the state.

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