Sentence Examples

  • The occurrence of diamond in meteorites is described below.
  • The chief occurrences of metallic iron are as minute spiculae disseminated through basaltic rocks, as at Giant's Causeway and in the Auvergne, and, more particularly, in meteorites (q.v.).
  • It occurs in the uncombined condition and alloyed with iron in meteorites; as sulphide in millerite and nickel blende, as arsenide in niccolite and cloanthite, and frequently in combination with arsenic and antimony in the form of complex sulphides.
  • The meteorites which appear annually on or about the 10th of August are popularly known as "the tears of St Lawrence."
  • Liversidge, The Minerals of New South Wales (1888), and to him is due a valuable chemical study of the meteorites and gold nuggets.