Sentence Examples

  • The meteorites which appear annually on or about the 10th of August are popularly known as "the tears of St Lawrence."
  • This iron has very often beautiful Widmannstatten figures like those of iron meteorites, but it is obviously of telluric origin.'
  • The extraterrestrial bodies which happen to find a resting-place on the earth are studied under the name of meteorites (q.v.).
  • Soon afterwards he constructed a machine from which the liquefied gas could be drawn off through a valve for use as a cooling agent, and he showed its employment for this purpose'in connexion with some researches on meteorites; about the same time he also obtained oxygen in the solid state.
  • Precht, Ber., 1886, 19, p. 2326), in some meteorites, in certain stars and nebulae, and also in the envelopes of the sun.

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