Sentence Examples

  • 1084, developed a greatly modified form and arrange ment of a monastic institution.
  • The body thus formed ment of is called the embryo, and this develops into the adult Primary plant, not by continued growth of all its parts as in an animal, but by localization of the regions of cell-division and growth, such a localized region being called a growing-point.
  • In each case the clinker which has just been burned and is fully hot serves to heat the air-supply to the compart ment where combustion is actu ally proceeding; in like manner the raw materials about to be burned are well heated by the waste gases from the compartment in full activity before they them selves are burned.
  • In a certain wide sense the textual criticism of the New Testa ment began as soon as men consciously made recensions and versions, and in this sense Origen, Jerome, Augustine and many other ecclesiastical writers might be regarded as textual critics.
  • When war broke out in 1899 it was obviously impossible to give any efficient help to the Boers, but the govern ment did not allow the moment to pass without using .~ it for the very practical purpose of getting another ~7ey bill through the Reichstag by which the navy was to be nearly doubled.