Sentence Examples

  • 1084, developed a greatly modified form and arrange ment of a monastic institution.
  • The body thus formed ment of is called the embryo, and this develops into the adult Primary plant, not by continued growth of all its parts as in an animal, but by localization of the regions of cell-division and growth, such a localized region being called a growing-point.
  • Iturbide eventually combined with Guerrero, and proclaimed the " Plan of Iguala," which laid down, as the bases of the new state, the maintenance of the Roman Catholic religion and the privileges of the clergy, the establish ment of a limited monarchy, and equality of rights Emperor, for Spaniards and native-born Mexicans.
  • Such an arrange ment, for which seismologists are indebted to Professor T.
  • Brought The number of civilians in the employ of the govern under ment was very small, and the administrative machinery control.