Sentence Examples

  • Menswear Online strives to provide the ease of a look book, and while they do fall a bit short, there are some advantages to this site, the best of which is the ability to zoom in on the suits themselves.
  • Paul & Joe may sound like an American cosmetics company started by two metro men, but in actuality, Paul & Joe started out as a menswear line designed by a woman in France named Sophie Albou.
  • For the stylish man who buys clothes at decent menswear shops - or invests in custom dress shirts - it is important that the right knot be worn with the right shirt and that it look crisp and sharp.
  • Though many men probably don't consider it as a feasible option, the truth is that custom menswear presents a simple solution to a number of issues that typically crop up when shopping for clothes.
  • The focused attention given to men's fashion in the Elizabethan era combine with extensive documentation both in writing and images to make this a fascinating period in the history of menswear.