Sentence Examples

  • She grabbed a handful of the Bay's mane and swung to the ground.
  • Even wet, her hair cascaded in a full mane that framed her face beautifully.
  • Rather than warn them again, he tied his reins to his horse's mane, freeing up his hands to draw his knives.
  • Another feature by which this species differs from the American deer is the conformation of the bones of the lower part of the fore-leg, which have the same structure as in the red deer group. The coat is of moderate length, but the hair on the neck and throat of the old stags is elongated to form a mane and fringe.
  • Jim accepted it as a mere detail, and at his command the attendants gave his coat a good rubbing, combed his mane and tail, and washed his hoofs and fetlocks.

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